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Digital Fashion Illustration Class by Fashion Design Mentor- ANIL NAIR

About This Class


Drawing fashion is now easier than ever! This class with renowned fashion illustrator Anil Nair will open up a whole new world of drawing the human form and give new meaning to "illustration style."

Through step-by-step class, Mentor Anil Nair walks through the fundamentals:

  • Sketching your figure draft 
  • Checking your proportions 
  • Mastering the gesture line 
  • Fleshing out your figure draft 
  • Designing and coloring your outfit 

By the end, you’ll be able to apply these concepts to your own work, infusing emotion into your illustrations and discovering confidence in your own style.

Throughout the class, Mentor Anil Nair uses the iPad Pro, and the Apple Pencil, but you're welcome to use your tool of choice!

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