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1. Summer Fashion Course


Asia's first & only Fashion Course for





To all Fashion enthusiastic Teens,

This summer, buckle up for a journey full of activities based on fashion designing..

With activities like sewing,accessories making,photography,styling & more, all we need is keen interest & an open mind.

Rest we promise that it will be an exciting learning experience, with many practical ideas brought to life over 10 days.

*Suitable for everyone. No art skills required.

Age group 8 - 14 years & 15 - 19 years..

Flexible Batches are available throughout April & May 2019.

Timings: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Curious to know what you’ll learn?

The learning process includes techniques like painting, surface ornamentation, sewing, designing, illustrating to create garments & accessories which the participants make by themselves from scratch, guided by our experts. 


This course is a 10 days program, 3 hours/ day. We have two age groups 8 years to 14 years and 15 years to 19 years. 


 The workshop starts with the subject - DO I KNOW MY- SELF ???

In this the first day the student will be introduced to colors and a creative session will also be held. This subject is for student to recognize their ability and hidden talents.  In the next five days the student will be introduced to subjects like research, design, design development; technical, theory and practical subjects will also be taught.

    There are visiting faculties from the design department who will be teaching other interesting subjects also.

    The products at the end of this six days is a bag, shoes , apron, accessories, grooming, styling, designing, fashion illustration, sketching, calligraphy, cultural studies, portfolio, photo shoot, certificate and a creative mind.

Subject Like "I AM DENIM."

This is a subject that gives student an opportunity to experience the feel of a professional fashion designer and their work. This subject includes  topics like fabric study, research, mood board, design development, drafting , quality check surface ornamentation. 


All of the above subjects are scheduled for students to build a stepping stone in the field of fashion.

    At the end of these TEN days the student will have creative thinking skills, style, design ideas & presentation, a garment of DENIM with surface ornamentation fashion, certificate and a portfolio.


Walk in to register for Asia's only Teen Fashion Design Course by AN ORIGINAL FASHION ACADEMY, Pune, Maharashtra.


OR TO INQUIRE OR REGISTER Contact us at 7038070307 / 9850740318 / 9890499804


Price on request.

Registrations Open.


2. ANO Hand Painted T-Shirt Workshop

In today’s time we see a large number of t-shirts with a variety of prints on them. What if you get some tricks on making your own customized t-shirt prints & to hand paint them on your  t-shirt?

It is so simple to turn plain T-shirts into amazing designer wear--all we need is a couple of hours of your time! Do not worry if you aren’t good at drawing. You don't need to be an artist to create fantastic designs. Its your ideas that matter.

Learn graphics, rock singers, your favorite sports person, historic art, animated characters, cartoons, landscapes, catchy quotes, abstract art & bold punch lines.

Workshop Objective:

Learn to create theme based prints for your t-shirts. Know the painting process with wash effect, block color, textures, fine outlines, calligraphy & lots more. Create an extra attraction by adding appliqués, beads, or accessories. 

It enhances creativity, helps to draw from imagination, learn developing font styles & calligraphy, learn techniques of painting on t-shirt. Improve patience level, concentration, neatness.

Our trained & qualified experts will guide you with practical demonstrations & teach you technical skills of painting art work on your t-shirt.


Workshop Details:

Location: Pune (Aundh) - Ahmednagar - Mumbai

Duration: 5 days (Consecutive or in breaks)

 Batches: 10 am to 12 pm OR 9 am to 1 pm

Age Group: Open for All (kids, teens, youth, adults, senior citizens)

Qualification criteria: Nil (Participants can be from any academic background)

Inclusions: All materials of the workshop. Nothing required to be brought by participants, 4 T-shirts.

Contact: 7038070307 / 9850740318 / 9890499804

3. Summer Tops Sewing Workshop

 Summer Tops Sewing Workshopalt

Summer season is upon us & everyone wants a new addition of 
light,comfy,summer outfits. What better way to show your summer style than creating one for yourself !! Sew it, Wear it, Flaunt it.. Learn to SEW one or more Casual Tops with the use of vibrant cottons and add them to your wardrobe..
This workshop is OPEN FOR ALL. No age bar. Beginners & Advance learners,both welcome.

Start Date: April & May 2019
Duration: 15 Days OR 1 Month 
Session Days:3 Days/ week
Session Times: 10am to 1pm 
Visit our academy to know the Fees,Admission procedure, Material supplies & any other queries that you have.
Registrations Open.
Last date of enrollment : 20th April 2019

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